The new job: US Audience Editor for the Telegraph

Jul 1, 2013 | Blog, New York

I’m excited to announce my new occupation here in New York. As of July 1, I have rejoined the Telegraph as their US Audience Editor. I’ll be working with our editorial and technical teams to find new ways of reaching our large US audience, which comprises a quarter of the Telegraph’s global pageviews, and making a repeat destination for readers on this side of the pond.

dream office

My current setup.

The Telegraph’s US readers are voracious sports readers, politics junkies, video game fans and British television obsessives. They often land at the Telegraph when they’re looking for stories overlooked by US media organizations. Many are loyal to the Telegraph brand; many come to the website via search or social media. Whatever their origins, passions or occupations, it is my job to make the Telegraph their go-to destination, a place worth sharing, interacting with and subscribing to.

While it’s a pity I can’t reunite with my colleagues in the London office, my current location isn’t half bad. So with that, it’s off to work…